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sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

From Auto ID professionals group in LinkedIn - RFID UHF Solutions

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Paul Myers
Founder & President of 540 - Experiential Marketing & Sponsorship Agency /
 Youth Marketing Consultant
Does anyone have a solution for UHF RFID readers? 
That is, can anyone direct me to a supplier for "long range" RFID readers.
 Everything I am finding is "close range" for reading RFID within a few CM.
 I am looking for a solution for reading up to 5 or 10 Meters.
Posted 4 days ago | Reply Privately 

Comments (6)
1.        Peter Thayer
Technology Consultant
Paul, read range is a function of reader antenna,
 tag (chip, antenna design, placement), and environment in addition to reader. 
Pretty much any 860-920MHz UHF system will give you a read range
 of several meters even if your transmitting antenna is isotropic. 
(A 30dBm TX drops to -10dBm at ~3meters with an isotropic antenna.) 

You may want to check your transmit power setting. 

Most readers allow you to adjust it. 
You also may want to check the coax from the radio to the antenna(s). 

Otherwise, if you are only getting a few centimeters, 

could you possibly be using a low frequency (LF) 
or high frequency (HF) system? On LF/HF systems, 
power is supplied to the tag through inductive coupling, 
so your range will be ~ equal to the size of your antenna.
 A few centimeters is reasonable for LF/HF systems. 

As an example, with an Alien 9540 tag, I read at 13 meters 

(office environment) with both an Impinj, Mercury, 
and Sirit readers and 8dBiC antennas. I haven’t tested
 with Motorola or Intermec yet, but I assume they will
 work as well. (And, with PowerID’s BAP tag, 
I can almost do my testing from home.)
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2.        Paul Myers
Founder & President of 540 - Experiential Marketing & Sponsorship Agency
 / Youth Marketing Consultant
Thanks Peter! Let me digest this for a while 
and I'll get back to you with any questions I may have. Cheers!
Posted 2 days ago | Reply Privately
3.       Robert Oberle
CTO at RCD Technology

Sirit, Alien, Impinj, ThingMagic, and Motrola

 all offer complete systems; readers and TX/RX antennas. 
I believe that they also offer demo kits with sample tags 
that will work well on cardboard or in free air,
 though not as well on equipment or embedded in an object.
Posted 2 days ago | Reply Privately
4.        Jeffrey Billeter
Sales manager at Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID
Paul we distribute a variety of manufacturers products and solutions.
 The tags and the readers work in combination to provide read ranges variences.
 There are other things to think about to get the right answers. 
Are you talking about a mobile scanner of fixed.
 What are we trying to scan. in your case i see alot to do
 with youth marketing so perhaps cards, wristbands
 and the like for event management of customer loyalty.
 I would assit in pointing you in the right direction if you like
 You can call me at 800-661-7948 ext 2262
Posted 2 days ago | Reply Privately
5.       Neetin Vyas
Supply Chain Professional
Couple of years back Symbol Technologies, now Motorola,
 announced tag and reader combination to read tag at distance
 of 60 feet moving at 60 mph. Applications ware for tracking
 of transportation vehicle. 
They have introduced extra large UHF tag and XR Series

 readers to achieve the read range.
Posted 2 days ago | Reply Privately
6.        Sandip Lahiri
IT Architect at IBM Corp.
You will see (C1G2) UHF tags coming out in the market
 that can be read with standard readers from about 100 ft.
Posted 1 day ago | Reply Privately
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