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quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Vote nas mais belas pinturas SUD

Vote nas mais belas pinturas SUD

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Make Known His Wonderful Works

Ninth International Art Competition

Pray unto the Lord, call upon his holy name, make known his wonderful works among the people

Through the artworks in this exhibition, Latter-day Saint artists have expressed their feelings about religious subjects such as the life of the Savior, the prophets, the scriptures, gospel teachings, the history of the Church, and contemporary life. The artists’ heartfelt messages, expressed through the universal language of visual art, honor the faith they share and their love for God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
Latter-day Saint artists are citizens of many lands and come from many walks of life—and their diverse experiences are reflected in their art, for art is an important part of Latter-day Saint life and communication. The Church History Museum continues to encourage artists worldwide to express their faith through their native traditions.
The sweep of Latter-day Saint artwork is large, and it has been advanced through these exhibits, held every three years since 1987. More than 1,150 artists entered this year’s competition, and 198 works are on display. The museum purchased 15 artworks, awarded 20 merit prizes, and will present several visitors’ choice awards. Museum patrons are invited to vote for their favorite piece at gallery kiosks and online.

Participe do com a sua pintura da proxima temporada e tenha seu quadro exibido em todo o mundo.
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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Tenth International Art Competition

In Tenth International Art competition artists are invited to explore subjects and themes from the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles as recounted in the New Testament. This competition theme aligns with the curriculum course of study for 2015 and asks participants to ponder New Testament scriptures and create a work of art reflecting the inspiration derived from that study.


Explore subjects and themes from the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles as recounted in the New Testament.

Church History Museum
45 North West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Key Dates

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